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Fashion Designer Coco Johnsen – The Warrior Collection

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Profiles98 Magazine caught up with Los Angeles fashion designer Coco Johnsen earlier this year at Style Week in Jamaica.  A very driven self motivated individual, Coco Johnsen described the reason behind the name of her latest collection – ” The Warrior Collection”;  which she designed pieces for both women and men.  Passionate about what is taking place politically in America, Coco felt the need to express and make a voice heard through this collection.  “It’s about a woman’s rights to choose and the empowerment of women” she said.  She also spoke about one’s right to marry who they love.

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Consumed by the industry most of the time, she described her way of finding peace and relaxation.  You will definitely learn more about her personal life as she discuss dating, marriage, her down-time and some of her favorite places to travel and spend time with family.  See video below.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Baker

Video by O’Brian Harvery

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