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What better way to cover the generation gap by showing them together in one giant fashion extravaganza. They say in show business that kids are the hardest act to follow. Designer Vicky Zhang took the plunge and showcased an enormous parent-child collection for her spring/summer 2017 during New York Fashion Week.
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The clothes related to each other, but, were not “matchy-matchy” so to speak. In a haze of pastels, with lots of baby blues, pale pinks, blush, mint green and white, all etched in sheer nylons and plastic infused materials, the Vicky Zhang collection was a perfect balance of fantasy and reality. WIth the kids doing their bit along the catwalk, in most cases, totally upstaging their adult model partners, it truly created a fashion moment among insiders, who were thrilled to see something different coming down the catwalk at Skylight Studios at the Moyniham fashion venue.
For evening drama, elaborate gowns were paired with equally elaborate replicas for kids, which left me wondering; `Where are these kids going wearing these elaborate adult gowns?’ only to be reminded that in certain cultures, the little girl’s gown is embraced at formal functions like weddings, confirmations, and junior pageants. The Goldem Godess fnale’ gowns, in waves of silk, all came down the catwalk with junior replicas.
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Vicky Zhang graduated from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in 2011. She became the designer behind the family themed brand, as well as the first of that brand to show at the International Fashion Week in China. She also co-founded the RX label of menswear.
By Walter Greene

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